Thursday 23rd November 2023

Winners 2020

Congratulations to our 2020 CYPN Award winners

Children & Young People Now are delighted to announce the winners of the online CYPN Awards 2020. You can read a full article from the editorial team here

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The Youth Relationships Award

Winner: Peer Productions - Generation Girls (drama programme)

Generation Girls is an empowerment programme for girls with learning disabilities attending SEN schools. The 10-week programme uses a mix of drama and peer-led education to explore the issues that matter to young women and aims to create a safe space where girls can express themselves. The aim is to support young women to better understand their bodies, learn about boundaries and healthy relationships, and improve their confidence, as well as to identify warning signs of abuse and manipulation.

Highly Commended
Rochdale Borough Council - Rochdale Relationships Revolution

Freedom Road Creative Arts - Vlogstar Hull (vlog training programme)
Rotherham Met. Borough Council - Early Help Rotherham (Devon Ferns)
The Change Foundation – (social change programmes)

Children and Young People’s Champion

Winner: Giles Hobart, TAG Youth Club for Disabled Young People

On top of his fulltime job at Transport for London, Giles Hobart plans and leads the provision of social clubs, respite breaks and community services for children with disabilities, as lead youth worker at TAG Youth Club for Disabled Young People. During the first lockdown, Giles personally delivered 122 online activity hours, as well as the usual weekly two-hour Friday night youth and junior clubs via Zoom. There were 226 one-to-one online sessions delivered to 24 individuals, more than 700 handwritten letters for those who found Zoom too overwhelming, and 127 one-to-one outdoor sessions over the summer.

Highly Commended 
Adam Tulloch, Total Insight Theatre


Matt Davey, Ticehurst Youth Club
Terry Galloway, Norman Galloway Homes
Kev Long, Mentoring Plus
Nat O'Brien, Catch22
Kierran Pearce, Essex County Council
Joe Steel, London Borough of Hillingdon
Yasin Zaman, Evoke Care