Thursday 23rd November 2023


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Are there sponsorship opportunities?

Organisations interested in sponsoring any of the award categories should contact George Hogg on: or call: 020 7501 6699

How to Enter


What is the deadline to submit an entry into the Children & Young People Now Awards 2023?

The Children & Young People Now Awards entries will close on the Friday 30th June.

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Who can enter the awards?

Any organisations or individuals who are based in the UK and whose work is UK based, can enter the awards. Entries should focus on work that was launched, or is ongoing, between the beginning of July 2022 and the end of June 2023.

I'm not sure how to start my entry, are there any materials to help?


How much does it cost to enter?

Thanks to the support of Children & Young People Now and the sector it has been possible to waive the entry fee (normally £35 for the public and voluntary sectors and £75 for the private sector), which covers the cost of administration and the judging process. 

If you think your entry will be late then please get in touch immediately by emailing

How many entries may I submit?

You can enter any of our categories, but the maximum number of categories an initiative, individual or team can be entered for is three.

Can I submit supporting material?

Supporting material should be uploaded along with your entry where possible. If this is not possible, then you may post supporting material, clearly stating the entry it is accompanying, to:

Jessica Dunmall, Senior Event Executive
Children & Young People Now Awards
Quadrant House
The Quadrant

What do we mean by ‘hard evidence’?

Judges will look for entries that show evidence of increased impact in the lives of children, young people and/or families. This impact can be described, but also, crucially, should be quantified in some way. Judges will want to know how that impact is measured, and how you are ensuring this increased impact is sustained over time.

Can I cancel my entry?

You may cancel your entry up until the entry deadline. If you wish to cancel your entry please email



Who judges the awards?

A panel of experts and professionals from across the children and young people’s sector will first judge the entries. This panel will represent the diversity of agencies and disciplines that make up the sector and the judges will have the knowledge and experience to assess each project according to its objectives and available budget. Judges who have a connection with any entry will not be allowed to vote on that entry or lobby the other judges on its behalf. A second round of judging will be undertaken by a group of young judges hand picked by Children & Young People Now.

What will the judges look for?

The aim of the Children & Young People Now Awards is to recognise excellence, innovation and impact. The judges will be looking for examples of excellent projects, services, teams, and individuals. Each entry must indicate clearly to both the adult and young judges the nature and degree of difficulty faced, and how this was overcome, all backed up with hard evidence. For the best chance of winning an award, be concise, be clear and remember your entry will be judged by young people as well as sector experts.



What happens after I have submitted my entries?

They will be processed by the awards team ready for judging. Judging takes place during July and the shortlist will be announced in August.

How will I know whether my organisation/project has been shortlisted?

The full shortlist will be published on our website in August. You will also receive confirmation of your result (whatever the outcome may be) by email at this time.

The Ceremony


When is the awards presentation?

The winners will be revealed at a gala ceremony on the evening of Thursday 23rd November 2023 at The Hurlingham Club, London.

How can I buy tickets to the ceremony?

Bookings for the Children & Young People Now Awards will become available once the shortlist has been announced. We accept all our bookings for individual seats and tables for the awards on our website.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please click here to read our terms and conditions.